One of the last contents' update of the Europubhealth website includes information about the results of the surveys conducted every year towards the graduates' cohorts 3, 15 and 27 months after their graduation. These data will provide you with the career opportunities of the master, but also an idea about posts, type of contracts, salary and type of organisation where they are working.

Europubhealth counts ten editons of its master course since 2006/2008 intakes and within this period 242 people of 67 different nationalities have graduted. The consortium pays strong attention to the employability of the graduates and for that reasons keeps in touch with the Alumni network. We can observe that 15 month after the graduation, the professional integration rate is over 80%. The organisations where they usually work are national public administration, NGO or educational institutions, and normally with permanent contracts, as civil servants or with a fixed-term contract.

Further information and charts can be found in the section dedicated to statistics into our website in this link.