The EUROPUBHEALTH+ application form must be filled in online and completely in English with all supporting documents uploaded*.

Application deadlines for 2017-2019 intake

Deadline 1: For candidates applying for an Erasmus+:Erasmus Mundus Scholarship: 15th January 2017 - Selection Results 

Deadline 2: For candidates applying as self-funded students:  17th April 2017 (24:00 CET) - Applying before this deadline is highly recommended for Non-European candidates who need a visa to study in Europe and students looking for alternative funding sources if selected. - Selection Results

Deadline 3: For candidates applying as self-funded students:  6th June 2017 (24:00 CET)

Selection process

The Europubhealth+ Selection Committee is composed of representatives of the six partner universities of the programme.
All applications are carefully studied according to the Europubhealth+ eligibility criteria (e.g. language level, bachelor degree). Eligible applications are then marked and ranked in order of merit by the Selection Committee according to the Europubhealth+ evaluation criteria. All candidates who obtain the minimum threshold score set by the Selection Committee are selected to join the course. Applications are assessed by the Selection Committee after one of the three above-mentioned deadlines.

Appeal procedure:

In case of non-selection and if a candidate has grounds to believe that his/her application file submitted with all mandatory official administrative requirements has not been processed through the selection procedure, he/she may engage an appeal procedure by writing a complaint letter to the Master Europubhealth+ Coordinator. This complaint letter needs to be sent by email to: Europubhealth(at) , entitled: "APPEAL: Last and first name and application number". The reasons for the appeal must be clearly stated in the email. The candidates have 15 days after the results of the selection have been published on the website to send their appeal and it has to be ONLY on the grounds of defective or unfair procedure by the Master Europubhealth+ Selection Committee.

Europubhealth+ consortium's evaluation criteria

The Europubhealth+ selection committee uses the following criteria to assess eligible applications:

  • Education and professional experience: Marks, classification, grades and distinctions obtained, work experience
  • Reasons for choosing the European Master and specific second year specialisation with respect to previous training and career prospects
  • Cultural adaptability: International projects or prospects, personal skills
* In case application module eMundus breaks down, only upon confirmation from the selection team, candidates can send their application to or (as a last resort) by post to: Institute of Public Health - Jagiellonian University Medical College - Att.: Mrs. Anna Szetela - Europubhealth+ Recruitment Coordinator - 20 Grzegórzecka street / 31-531 Kraków (POLAND)
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